Brochure Printing

Brochures are a way to add more information to your marketing promotions. They are created specifically to be saved and referred to again and again by the customer or employee.

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Generally, people who pick up a brochure are interested in learning more about a product. Therefore if a brochure is done professionally and printed in a quality manner, it is the perfect opportunity to advertise the best aspects and finer details of your product or service. A brochure is often used as a follow up after a sales pitch and is more detailed than a flyer.

DB Print brochures are available in the following formats:

  • flat form
  • tri-fold
  • bi-fold
  • z-fold

(All of the above are available in gloss, matt and semi-gloss finishes).

A brochure is a standard-size sheet of paper that has been folded lengthwise twice to create four panels (bi-fold) or folded three times to create six panels (tri-fold). Brochures can be fairly complicated to print because each panel has its own margins, photos and headlines. DB Print are able to print these useful and informative marketing tools in a timely fashion.

Common uses for brochures:

  • Hand outs at the end of sales presentations or
  • As take-away information at shows
  • Displayed in stands or on tables at banks, doctors’ offices and cash registers

Brochures we have printed for clients in the past:

Printed Brochures

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