Are you wanting to use flyers as part of your marketing strategy?

In an age of modern advertising and flyers are often overlooked and regarded as an old fashioned form of promotion. The fact is that flyers remain amongst the most cost effective and adaptable form of advertising. Flyers are extremely effective for small scale marketing. They provide a company with a cost effective method to get information out to a large number of people, quickly. Irrespective of the size, industry or line of business you are in, any business can use flyers to promote and market their business, products and services.

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Some of the work we have done for clients in the past:

Many businesses choose to use flyers as part of their advertising campaign in combination with other advertising platforms. Flyers are handed out or hung in public places with the expectation that people will read the content and become aware of whatever is being advertised. This opportunity to advertise is however lost if the flyers are poorly printed or presented on low-quality paper.

Consider the following when designing your flyer:

  • If you intend on hanging your flyer up then you will only be able to print on one side of the flyer.
  • If the flyers are handouts you can opt for a design that covers both sides of the flyer.
  • Remember that the purpose of a flyer is to offer a small amount of essential information for a limited time at low manufacturing costs.

(DB Print offer a design service if you do not have in-house graphic designers at hand)

Common uses for Flyers:

  • New product information
  • Fact sheets for conferences or shows
  • Announcements (opening of new buildings, upcoming events etc.)

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